Ken Acevedo

馃憢 Hello! I鈥檓 Ken Acevedo

Since 2008, I鈥檝e founded my own company Business Management Solutions Group LLC, where I鈥檝e focused my time on customer service and process improvement.
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Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, I served at ZUM Contract Furniture as Vice President of Operations, this was a startup company where I spent the majority of my time overseeing:

路 Production
路 Logistics
路 Supply Chains
路 Admin
路 Accounting

These challenging responsibilities involved setting up production and shipping processes, hiring, and logistics. I personally was responsible for overseas account management in China and Eastern Europe as well as the import of products and raw materials.

Before the market correction of 2008 ZUM Contract held contracts with Carnival Cruise Lines, Starbucks, and Hilton as well as others.

I was able to act as the only officer of the company until I parted to start my own venture. During my time with ZUM Contract, I helped grow the company from $0 starting revenue to $1.5 million.

Before moving back to the East Coast to work at ZUM Contract Furniture I worked as an Operations/Production Manager at Armstrong World Industries for 12 years. Critical and direct responsibilities included:

路 Production
路 Logistics
路 Environmental Health and Safety
路 QC/Process Improvement

As operations manager, I worked with over 250 employees in several departments that ranged from production workers, shipping and receiving personnel, to QC auditors and admin and support staff. Known for excellent communication with employees and managers alike I was able to coach and bridge the gaps between siloed groups to make our operation more cohesive and focused driven.

My first real start in business was my own painting company ACE Painting. I worked first in New York then Florida and then Nebraska before accepting a position at Armstrong as paint room manager. My organizational skills quickly moved me along to production manager and then operations.

Certifications include:

路 Six Sigma Blackbelt with emphasis on Kaizen, LEAN Manufacturing, JIT supply chain management and 5S.

路 Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) EPA and DEQ hazardous materials handling certification (HAZMAT).

路 OSHA compliance award

路 U.S. customs bonded

路 2 years practical university classes Business Management Associate鈥檚 focus.

Some Milestones:

Started or assisted in starting, 2 companies from the ground up. BMS Group (my company) is still in operation today and generating sustainable revenue since 2008.

Implemented workstation processes and materials flow to increase shift productivity from 130 units per day to 250.

Started a company-wide materials reclamation program saving some $230,000 in the first year.

Organized successful and sustainable work groups, processes, and customer experience programs across every company and industry I have associated with.

About Ken:

"I was born and raised in the Bronx New York. Life has taught me the value of working hard and finding innovative ways of doing things.

Despite the fact that I traveled extensively on and off in my career I had a fear of flying, so I took pilots lessons to understand what I didn鈥檛 know about flying. I did this not to face my fears so to speak but to address my ignorance of what it takes to fly a plane. A clearer understanding of what鈥檚 happening in the cockpit has made me feel more at ease with putting my safety in someone else鈥檚 hands.

I like to be in the drivers seat and wanted to learn more about sports cars. Now I am also half owner of Custom Pony Cars LLC a company that focuses on the ford mustang brand. It鈥檚 more of a passion for me and not so much a commercial enterprise. We have restored and performance enhanced these vehicles.

In more recent times my business partner and I have focused our attention on the electric vehicle market. It seemed the logical evolution for Custom Pony Cars. Reading and researching (something I enjoy doing anyway) has been fascinating I love this learning experience and will leave it at that otherwise I won鈥檛 shut up for several pages about the subject, however, please feel free to ask me about EV鈥檚 if you have a lot of time to kill."
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